Air is the new oil

  • tisdag / 05 november / 2019
  • 13:25-13:45


Air Fry Technology for the Lightfry unit was an idea from the late 80’s and the company was founded back in 2006. Lightfry uses Air Fry Technology which is a process which fries food with hot air, steam and motion instead of oil. This gives the same crispy texture, uniform color, the same eating experience and taste – or maybe even better. No demands for changing of consumer behaviors – but always healthier, more safe for kitchen staff and very positive for the total economy. We thought the Lightfry machine would sell itself.

Thirteen years later we can see that it is very easy to understand the technology and the huge benefits. It’s easy to love the result and the taste – but having the restaurant kitchens to adjust and change production and throwing out the oil for a new machine/technology was an extremely much more difficult task – until the market (we) demands it!

Henrik Önnermark(CEO), and Niclas Von Schantz(Marketing) from Eatgood will talk about the journey from innovation to a perfect working machine for the global market as well as the unique features and benefits of the Lightfry unit, and finally the values and drivers that will redefine the map for the majority of the food industry.

Niclas von Schantz Market Manager Eatgood
Henrik Önnermark VD Eatgood


5-6 november