From the lab to the international stage - A start up journey - bringing a new weapon in the war against foreign bodies in food

  • tisdag / 05 november / 2019
  • 13:00-13:20


Food Radar Systems in Sweden, a start up and the inventor of a microwave based in line detection system that can detect low density foreign bodies that traditional technologies do not capture. Primary focus is the food industry with products that are flowing in pipes.

Soft and hard plastic, rubber, fruit stones, wood and extraneous vegetable matter are some of the foreign matters that can be detected by the system as product is pumped through the systems in-line sensor.

Stepping out of the the lab into reality with a new technology application and no base business exposed some challenges.  Today the system can be found in use by global brands around the world that puts a focus on food safety and brand protection.  The entrepreneurial  journey continues with experience gained.

Sven-Gunnar Bodell CEO Food Radar Systems
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